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Mrs. E. Hallman

6th Grade Math Syllabus


I am very pleased to welcome your child into my math class this year.  In these times of uncertainty, I am committed to seek out the best possible tools and environment for your child’s academic growth.   With this in mind, I would like to maintain an open channel of communication between us.  It is through our partnership that we can ensure your child’s academic success.  Please feel free to contact me.  My email address is  My planning period is from 1:45-2:30 pm every day and my phone number: (956)473-6800 ext. 6800               


Here are my expectations for this school year:


1.    Follow all school and classroom rules.

2.    Follow dress code.

3.    Participate in all classroom activities.

4.    Complete assignments and homework.

5.    Clean-up your area before leaving the classroom.

6.    Respect school property – Do not write on the desk.

7.    Show respect to others.

8.    Always try your very best in class.

9.    Multiplication Facts should be memorized thru the twelve’s.

10.  Pass the STAAR Test this year! 


 Classroom Rules 

1. Attend all classes, regularly and on time.

2. Follow directions.

3. Be prepared for each class with appropriate materials and     


4. Show courtesy and respect towards others.

5. District Approved Uniforms must be worn at all times.


Positive Rewards for Students

1.    Verbal Praise

2.    Positive note or call to parents

3.    Oiler Coins 

4.    Stickers may also be given and redeemed for classroom prizes

5.    Homework Pass

6.    Attendance at school functions such as pep-rallies, dance,      

      assemblies, etc.


Homework Policy

Students will be assigned homework Monday-Thursday.  Homework or projects may be assigned over the weekend as necessary.  If your child does not turn in homework on time, they will be penalized 15 points and parents will be notified. 


Supplies You Will Need:


  • Composition notebook
  • Pencils, erasers                             


  • 1 inch binder with 5 tabs                                 
  • Highlighters




Grading Policy

  1. Daily Grades – Comprise 50% of your Six Weeks Average.    
    1. Assignments               c.   Class work
    2. Participation               d.  Homework
  2. Test Average – Comprise 50% of your Six Weeks Average.
    1. Quizzes                    c.  Six Weeks Exam    
    2. Exams                      d.  CBA’s               



I will be using Remind to keep in touch with parents and students with important information and reminders of tests, etc.  Please be sure to sign up for Remind by texting @8bag23 to 81010. When joining please type in your child’s name.