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Raul Perales Middle School 

Honors Wind Ensemble Syllabus


Honor Winds

1st Block, Band Hall 

Mr. Alejandro Mireles, B.M., MS Ed.




The purpose of this course is to ensure that students have assimilated the fundamental ensemble techniques and terminology in order to achieve success as a middle school concert band.  The Honors Wind is one of the most visible ensembles in the school, and students are to reflect this through excellence in performance and exemplary conduct on and off the practice and performance stage. Students will demonstrate aural and musical expertise through performances, inside and outside the classroom, as well as development of these techniques by being required to attend performances and remain actively engaged throughout the entirety of the concert performance. 



Students are expected to have all of the following materials at every rehearsal:

  1. Binder containing all assigned music, handouts, and assignments

  2. Instrument and Accessories (Mutes, Reeds, Tuner, Breathing Device, etc.)

  3. Warm-up Book and Pencil

  4. Other materials deemed necessary by the director



Performances and Schedules: See the 2019-2020 Band Calendar for all rehearsal schedules and performances.  Also stay informed 24/7 via using school code “RPMSBand” and Remind101 using school code “RPMSBand” to access our calendar and other important information.



The Raul Perales Middle School Honors Wind Ensemble is one of the most highly visible performing ensembles on the Raul Perales MS campus and within United ISD - participation at all rehearsals and performances is required.  Grading is based on participation, active involvement, demonstration of literature proficiency both inside and outside the classroom, attendance (performance and observations) and effort coupled with enthusiasm shown in rehearsals and performances.  Students will be graded as follows regarding attendance:

1. Unexcused Absences

  1. Include but are not limited to, “I forgot”, poor planning by scheduling an appointment or personal event that directly conflicts with a date that has been on the charms calendar, no ride, babysitting, work/job, and other reasons that may be created

  2. Frequent (more than 3) tardies, absences, or consistent lack of preparation will result in a parent conference or demotion within the musical ensemble

  3. One unexcused absence from a performance will result in a 50 as a test grade as performances are clearly addressed through the curriculum and Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS)

2. Excused Absences

    The ONLY excused absences are for the following:

  1. Personal Illness:  Requires a written doctor's excuse or parent’s note

  2. Death/funeral/major surgery/family emergency in the immediate family, with every effort made to contact the instructors in advance


While it is sometimes necessary to miss a rehearsal due to an emergency, the Raul Perales Middle School Honors Wind is a performance-oriented class, and grades are based on your performance and participation.  Excessive absences by any member – even if they are excused – diminishes the quality of the overall ensemble, and may result in a parent conference and lack of grades, resulting in failing the course.  Every member of the ensemble plays an important role in the success of the band, and you must use your best judgment regarding your attendance.


Absence/Tardy Request: If you must be absent from or tardy to a rehearsal, you must advise Mr. Mireles via email or in writing.  The written notice must be received at least 24 hours prior to the tardy or absence.  If it is an emergency, you must submit the request within 48 hours of the absence or tardy.  This request must have a parent signature and phone number.


Schedule Conflict: If you will have a recurring conflict with the Honors Wind rehearsals (i.e. church, sports, academic, etc.), a written request MUST be submitted from the institution that is conflicting and it must state the date that you became aware of this conflict.  This request must have a parent signature and phone number. We encourage our band members to participate in other organizations, but require organization and communication.



As a member of the ensemble, we assume that your primary responsibility is to the announced schedule. Outside work and other activities are considered to be the business of the student, but should NOT interfere with your band commitments.  Please consider this document a contract of your commitments to the Raul Perales Middle School Mighty Oiler Band.


Grading Policy

25% Daily active participation in the class setting and outside

25% Playing tests, listening assignments, and written assignments

50% Performances


U.I.S.D. Owned Property/Equipment

U.I.S.D. provides equipment such as instruments and uniforms for all band students.  It is the responsibility of each student to properly maintain and care for this equipment.  Other equipment includes but is not limited to chairs, stands, lockers, mutes, and warm up books, which must also be cared for.   If any equipment is damaged or lost, the student & parents will be assessed a fee to replace or repair the damaged item(s).  


Core Academic Classes

Academic achievement in a student’s core classes is essential to the overall growth of the ensemble.  Students are to remain abreast of all academic endeavors within their core classes and commit to the fullest in any assignments their teacher(s) may ask of them.  Students are to be actively involved within their classes and should be actively monitoring their own personal class grades via the online account or through their teacher directly.