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School phone 956-473-6800 Ext# 04

Room number 104

ELAR Conference Period:  5th period (12:39-1:34 pm)                                        

                                                                    6th Grade ELAR Syllabus 

All students will be held accountable for research and projects that are assigned throughout the year to support rigor, depth of knowledge, and critical thinking. Each student will keep an individualized portfolio in the classroom to track progress and monitor growth, as well as to set goals. Students will also be expected to log on to google classroom and complete all assignments on-line. All students will need to bring their chromebooks to class daily. Chromebooks need to be fully charged before school starts.


Grading Policy: 

According to United ISD district wide standards grades are as followed:

  • Daily Grades – 

Daily Activities, Daily Classwork, Interactive Notebooks, Quizzes, and Homework


  • Summative Grades – 

Content Based Assessments (CBA’s), Benchmarks, and Projects


  • Tutorial schedule to be announced. 


ELAR Curriculum Overview:

School Supply List:


  -1 set of earbuds or earphones

-1 box of Kleenex

-1 composition notebook


Academic Year at a Glance: 

Personal Narratives and Writing Process 

Students will explore how elements of literature (such as author’s purpose and stylistic choices) contribute to the overall meaning of the work. Students will write a personal narrative that reflects a meaningful experience, incorporating elements of writers; craft found in short reading selections. 


Informational Texts and Expository Writing 

This unit combines a wide variety of informational texts with expository writing. Students will focus on making connections between the text and real world issues. Students should be exposed to elements such as theme, text structures, and evaluating summaries of text for inclusion of the main idea and supporting details. This unit should include students writing expository responses. 


Poetry and Power Words

In this unit, students will both analyze and learn to appreciate published poetic works and construct poetry of their own. While analyzing poetry, students will move beyond identification of poetic techniques and figurative language by explaining the effect of such elements. Elements of poetry should be analyzed to provide core knowledge and students will use when constructing their own poems. When writing poetry, students should put into practice different styles they have studied. Students will further their expository writing skills through short answer responses to poetry. 


Persuasion and Media Literacy 

Students will understand that the way information is presented has an influence on the intended message. In this unit students will look at techniques writers use to influence the opinions and choices of others in both print and media. Students will analyze commonplace assertions presented as facts and their power in persuasive writing. During this unit, students will write persuasive text. 


Classwork and Homework:

Students are expected to turn work in on time; late work will not get full credit unless a student has come and spoken with me before the assignment is due. Throughout the course of the year students may turn assignments in online via the class website through the student assignments tab when applicable. Homework may and will be assigned on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, students will reinforce concepts and strategies reviewed in class with mini-activities and worksheets.


ELAR Classroom Expectations and Consequences:

Expectations: Be prompt, polite, kind and respectful to others and all property. Be seated with your warm up out and ready to work before the tardy bell rings Gum chewing and all electronic devices are NOT allowed without teacher permission. Please observe all school and district policies and procedures found in the student handbook. Be prepared for class this includes bringing all required materials. Implicit behavior as promoted by Raul PMS include: Ownership, Integrity, Loyalty, Effort, Responsibility, and Selflessness. Explicit behavior will be directed with the utilization of the CHAMPS framework and in class matrix. 


Consequences: (1) Verbal warning, (2) Behavior log write up, (3) Student Conference, (4) Parent Contact and Lunch Detention, (5) Parent Conference, (6) Office Referral. 

*Depending on the infraction level, steps may be skipped and an office referral is immediate.