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Mr. F. Martinez Resource ELAR Class 2018-2019 - Room: 112

Email:  Work Phone #: (956) 473-6812


Class Description:

This ELAR Course is designed to prepare students for the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) in Reading and ELA. Students in the ELAR class are expected to do the following: engage in independent, self-selected readings as well as teacher-assigned readings; read for pleasure, meaning, and thematic analysis in literature; make associations and connections between literature and history concepts; learn to analyze different types of selections (short stories, novels, drama, poetry, primary source documents, biographies, informational literature, and other non-fiction);  increase vocabulary skills;  and be able to evaluate information from a variety of sources and media and support their claims with evidence from the texts.  Students also practice the skills of summarizing, responding to literature, writing literary analysis reports as well as writing in various modes, and other skills related to their journey towards becoming prepared for the next grade level with the Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness Standards. 


Tutoring Schedule:

Tuesdays = 3:30 to 4:30

• Students are expected to come to tutorials for extra enrichment, and in case they need additional help they can make an appointment with me. I want the student to be successful in my class and they will if they work hard! I am here to help at all times and will give 100%; please do the same for me! 


Supplies/Materials: You are responsible for coming to class with the necessary materials to be successful. 

 1  Composition Book (REQUIRED- one for reading and one for grammar/writing) – will be kept in class 

 One pocket folder (will be kept in class)

 Pencils or Pens

 One packet of stick-on Tabs for interactive notebooks

 Plenty of Wide or College Ruled Lined Paper

 Student Weekly Planner (May be used for all subjects)

 Course Novels (In Class)


Expectations for Academic Success:

1. Come to class on time! Once class begins any interruptions are impolite and distracting. Be sure to read the UISD Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) for policy on tardies.

2. Come to class prepared.  Always bring pens, pencils, paper, novel(s), assignments, projects, and or homework. You will need them EVERY DAY. Stay organized throughout the course. 

3. Avoid being absent.  Please see UISD’s SCOC for attendance policy. Missing a day will put you behind. Always find out what you have missed and make up your work immediately! This is YOUR responsibility!

4. Turn in assignments on time. Refer to UISD’s SCOC for policy.

5. Expand your knowledge. Come to class with an open mind and willingness to learn new things.

6. Love to learn. Use your prior knowledge, ask questions, be an active reader, and participate in class discussions in a knowledgeable and productive manner.

7. Group Work. When working with a peer or group make sure to stay focused and do your assigned part. Remember that the group is being graded as a whole as well. 

8. Follow Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBIS) Framework


Scope and Sequence: 

*This course will follow the same district Scope and Sequence as a regular ELAR class at a slower pace*

Academic Year at a Glance: 

Personal Narratives and Writing Process 

Students will explore how elements of literature (such as author’s purpose and stylistic choices) contribute to the overall meaning of the work. Students will write a personal narrative that reflects a meaningful experience, incorporating elements of writers; craft found in short reading selections. 


Informational Texts and Expository Writing 

This unit combines a wide variety of informational texts with expository writing. Students will focus on making connections between the text and real world issues. Students should be exposed to elements such as theme, text structures, and evaluating summaries of text for inclusion of the main idea and supporting details. This unit should include students writing expository responses. 


Poetry and Power Words

In this unit, students will both analyze and learn to appreciate published poetic works and construct poetry of their own. While analyzing poetry, students will move beyond identification of poetic techniques and figurative language by explaining the effect of such elements. Elements of poetry should be analyzed to provide core knowledge and students will use when constructing their own poems. When writing poetry, students should put into practice different styles they have studied. Students will further their expository writing skills through short answer responses to poetry. 




Persuasion and Media Literacy 

Students will understand that the way information is presented has an influence on the intended message. In this unit students will look at techniques writers use to influence the opinions and choices of others in both print and media. Students will analyze commonplace assertions presented as facts and their power in persuasive writing. During this unit, students will write persuasive text. 



A. Six Weeks Average

Each Six Weeks Average will be calculated as follows: 

Tests, projects, Book Reports                              =  _50____ %

Quizzes, Daily Work, Homework =  _50____ %

B. Progress Reports

All students will receive a progress report three weeks into the six weeks grading period. Any student with an average of 75 or below must return his/her progress report signed by a parent. 

C. Incomplete Daily Assignments will be Taken home and due the next day

D. Three CBA’s (Campus Based Assessments) and one Benchmark (Test Grade)


Late Work Policy:

Hand in all late work directly to me.  DO NOT put on my desk, turn in with current assignments, or give late work to a substitute. Please refer to District Student Code of Conduct for criteria on late work.  


There are no excuses for not completing your assignment(s). If you do not have access to a computer at home, then you can access one in the library before/after school or during lunch. NO EXCUSES! You may also make arrangements before/after school to use a computer in my classroom. 


Assigned Seating/School, Student, and Teacher Property:

A. Students will be assigned desks whether working independently, with a partner, or in small groups

B. Students are to sit in assigned desks even when there is a substitute. 

C. Desks are NOT to be scribbled or written on. Refer to District Policy on FINES and Consequences 

D. Respect all School, Student, and Teacher property. Refer to District Policy on FINES and Consequences.



Technology Policy: Refer to UISD’s Student Code of Conduct for further information on the use and misuse of equipment.

• Chromebooks are assigned by Number; use only your assigned Chromebook

• Keep your username and password to yourself

• Leave the tricky stuff to the experts. Do not  download any APP or Game unless asked to do so

• Watch where you CLICK; Do Not visit any unauthorized sites. Loss of privileges will apply

• Respect the Chromebook; Treat it with tender loving care

• THINK before you Print (Think Green)

• Eyes on your own screen

• Keep Food and Drinks away from technology


Academic Honesty

The Reading Department at United South Middle School expects that all work turned in is the student’s own work. Plagiarism incidents will be handled according to the school policy set in place.  Plagiarism is defined as “the false assumption of authorship: the wrongful act of taking the product of another person’s mind, and presenting it as one’s own” (Alexander Lindey, Plagiarism and Originality [New York: Harper, 1952] 2). This includes all forms of copying, cutting/pasting, and cheating whether the material is taken in whole or in part from a book, the internet, student, or other source. In an instance where material has been obtained from another student, both parties will be penalized.  After any infraction, a student-teacher-parent conference may be scheduled. In the event of subsequent offenses, the incident will be referred to the school principal for review and action.  



Obtaining Make-up Work (will go over procedure in class)

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain work when absent; otherwise, assignments made during absence are handled as late work. Please see me for any copies you may need. School policy for work missed while absent will be enforced. 


Do your best – be in class – bring materials every day – have a good attitude – let’s have a great year of LEARNING!!!


This syllabus is intended as a set of guidelines for the ELAR course. Students and parents should note that Mr. Martinez reserves the right to make modifications in content and requirements as necessary to promote the best education possible within prevailing conditions affecting this class.